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Specialists in Extensions on the Central Coast

Sometimes, that family home you love so much just isn’t big enough for your needs any more. Whether your family is growing, your hobbies need more space, or you just want to add value in a tight property market, an extension can turn your house into a dream home.

Extensions can take several different forms. It can involve extending your home outwards onto the rest of your block, or adding a whole new level on top of your existing structure. Whatever you’re looking to do, Central Coast Elite Carpentry can handle every detail from planning to final fit-out.

Our architectural carpenters Central Coast team can not only make your extension visions come to life, they’ll ensure your new addition is aesthetically pleasing and looking fantastic.

Additional levels
Need more space but don’t have enough room on the block? Think upwards! Adding on a second level to your home may seem a daunting prospect, but our extensions Central Coast carpenters can guide you through the process with expert advice and friendly service. When adding a second storey, there’s no room for DIY or shoddy workmanship. Our second storey additions Central Coast specialists have years of experience and our relationships with trusted suppliers means we source only the highest-quality products for your project. From the frames and trusses to door hardware and window furnishings, you can be sure we’ll source everything you need. And how do you get to that second storey? With a beautiful, functional staircase of course. We offer multiple options for staircases to suit every design, all made from the highestquality timber. Come in and chat to our team today!

Same level extensions
Growing family needs more space? Dream home starting to feel cramped? House too small but plenty of room left on your block? Central Coast Elite Carpentry can help you expand outwards to make the most of your land. Whether you want to add on one room or more, we have a range of designs and ideas to suit every style. We can also take care of exterior cladding so that no-one will ever know your house has been extended. A same-level extension will also extend the value of your home and pay for itself for years to come. Our project management crew take care of everything, so all you have to do is sit back, relax, and get ready to enjoy your newly-expanded home.

At Central Coast Elite Carpentry we understand that not every home owner has the same budget. That’s why we can provide a range of designs and work with you to determine which materials will produce the best results without breaking your bank. Our wide range of suppliers and years of experience in the industry mean that we can provide quality materials at affordable prices. Come in and have a chat to our team – you might be surprised at what your budget can get you!

Quality you can trust
Our carpentry Central Coast team has more than 30 years of experience providing quality service at the right price. Our materials are supplied from trusted sources and all of our tradespeople are fully licenced and qualified. We pride ourselves on a high standard of workmanship and professionalism. We will manage all aspects of your project for you to ensure timely delivery and get you relaxing in your newly extended home sooner.

Project regulations
Extensions will generally require council approval, especially if you plan to add an additional storey to your home. We strongly recommend contacting Central Coast Council and lodging a development application before you start work. Unapproved extensions can cause serious headaches years down the line when you want to sell your property. Our extensions Central Coast staff are highly experienced and can assist you in putting together your application. Call or drop into our office to discuss your needs and experience the superior service that makes Central Coast Elite Carpentry truly elite.

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