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We specialise in Outdoor living on the Central Coast

Creating the perfect outdoor living area doesn’t always have to mean an expensive deck or pergola. We have a variety of options available such as patios and boardwalks to help you create an inviting outdoor entertaining space, as well as flexible shade options and sailcloth posts.

Whether you want to host an awesome barbecue or just have an area to extend your everyday living, there are a wide variety of options available to suit any budget.

Our outdoor living Central Coast team can help find the best outdoor entertainment option for you. Give our team a call today.

At Central Coast Elite Carpentry, we understand that not every home owner has the same budget. We work with you to choose the materials and design that work best with your budget, so you can sit back and relax knowing there won’t be any nasty price surprises and your project is managed from start to finish.

Unlike a deck, which is often raised off the ground, a patio requires much less structural work. Patios can be created from the same timbers used in decking, and often require less timber as they do not always have rails or stairs. Your patio can be built from your entryway, giving you an extended living space and the perfect space for that summer barbecue, while being cheaper and easier to build.

Our patio Central Coast staff can give you expert advice about which patio solution suits your needs.

Shade sails and cloths
The Australian sun is hot and powerful – there’s no denying that! Create your own shady, comfortable space in your back yard with a shade sail or cloth. Originally used only in schools, they’re now popping up in back yards all over the country. And in winter when you need that sunshine, you can fold them away until summer comes again.

Shade sails are also a popular choice for swimming pool areas, letting your family enjoy your pool without worrying about sunburn.

The most common timber for shade sail posts is treated pine, however, there are a variety of other options depending on your budget, as well as different height and size recommendations. We can take care of your shade sail installation so you can just get ready to enjoy the cool!

Quality you can trust
Our Central Coast Carpentry team has extensive years of experience providing quality service at the right price. Our materials are supplied from trusted sources and all of our tradespeople are fully licenced and qualified. We pride ourselves on a high standard of workmanship and professionalism.

We will manage all aspects of your project for you to ensure timely delivery and get you relaxing in your new outdoor entertaining area sooner.

Project regulations
Patios and shade sails are unlikely to require council approval. However, we always recommend double checking with Central Coast Council before commencing work. Unapproved additions that require permits can be a headache to rectify after the fact and can reduce the value of your home.

If you do need a permit or development application, we can help. Call to discuss your needs and experience the superior service that makes Central Coast Elite Carpentry truly elite.

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