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Pergolas Central Coast

Specialising in all type of pergolas on the central coast

Pergolas are a very popular choice for outdoor entertaining options. They can be built to extend your indoors to the outdoors, or as a free-standing structure away from the main building. Large or small, we have a range of pergola Central Coast designs and materials to suit your every need.

Our architectural carpenters Central Coast team will create your dream pergola to make all of your outdoor entertaining plans a reality. Give our team a call today.

At Central Coast Elite Carpentry we understand that not every home owner has the same budget. That’s why we can provide a range of designs and work with you to determine which materials will produce the best results without breaking your bank.

Our wide range of suppliers and years of experience in the industry mean that we can provide quality materials at affordable prices. Come in and have a chat to our team – you might be surprised at what your budget can get you!

Pergola timber types
Most timbers that are used for decking options can also be used for your pergola. Treated pine is the least expensive and most popular option, being readily available and easy to work with. Red and spotted gum types are also very popular for pergolas, given their native hardiness and attractive colouring. And if colouring is what you’re looking for, you may also wish to consider cypress, another very sturdy timber suitable for Australian conditions.

Whichever type of timber you prefer, we make sure to only source from sustainable timber suppliers, so you can be sure you’re getting the best.

Roofing options
The two most popular types of roofing for pergolas are Colourbond steel and polycarbonate roofing. Polycarbonate is often significantly less expensive, and still lets in natural light while also providing protection from the most harmful of the sun’s rays. Polycarbonate also comes in a wide variety of colours, allowing you to choose the perfect colour for your home.

Colourbond is one of the most trusted brands in building materials. It has a proven pedigree as long-lasting and reliable roofing material. Colourbond also comes in a wide variety of colours and can even be painted so can find your perfect match.

Other types of roofing include sailcloth types and even tiling to match the tiles of your house. Our friendly team can help you choose the best roofing option for you.

Side-screens and enclosed pergolas
While the open-sided pergola is traditional, more and more pergolas are now being built with one or more enclosed sides, or the facility for removeable side-screens. These can take the form of roll-up sailcloths, timber or metal shutters, or even a solid wall. Removable or changeable sides can give you flexibility to keep your living space warm in winter and cool in summer. Contact Central Coast Elite Carpentry to find out more about our options!

Quality you can trust
Our carpentry Central Coast team has more than 30 years of experience providing quality service at the right price. Our materials are supplied from trusted sources and all of our tradespeople are fully licenced and qualified. We pride ourselves on a high standard of workmanship and professionalism.

We will manage all aspects of your project for you to ensure timely delivery and get you relaxing in your new pergola sooner.

Project regulations
Whether your pergola will need council approval will depend on a variety of factors, including proposed size and earthworks requirements. We strongly recommend contacting Central Coast Council and confirming if you need to lodge a development application before you start work. Unapproved pergolas can cause serious headaches years down the line when you want to sell your property.

Our pergolas Central Coast staff are highly experienced and can assist you in putting together your application. Call or drop into our office to discuss your needs and experience the superior service that makes Central Coast Elite Carpentry truly elite.

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